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KAT Tiger Cubs Program

Kids winning medalsThe KAT Tiger Cubs Program is a pre-martial art program designed especially for students for 2 to 3 year olds. Parents get to take the class with their children. Working with young children at this critical stage in their development can have lifelong benefits. The class lengths are appropriate to these children’s developmental stages.

KAT's long awaited 2-3 Year Old 'Parent and Me' program is finally here!

Students will complete five modules (Each module has 8 classes)

Balance (Stand on one leg, walk on a wobbly beam, etc.)
Coordination (Strike pads at different angles and distances, predict movement through the air)
Confidence (Speak loudly, stand straight)
Focus (Ability to find things despite distractions, ignore external input)
Safety (Look both ways when crossing the street, stranger danger, etc.)

Parents take the class with their children. There are no doboks(uniforms). Parents and kids wear a special t-shirt, depending on how many modules they have completed (White, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Red.)


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