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Welcome to the Metro State College Taekwondo Program site. You may also want to visit the Auraria Campus Taekwondo Facebook page. Metro State is the oldest Collegiate Taekwondo program in the country, and we are currently undefeated in Rocky Mountain Collegiate Taekwondo League competition.

In April 2013, ACT had a very successful outing at the National Collegiate Championships.

In April 2010, ACT hosted the National Collegiate Taekwondo Championships



Auraria Campus Taekwondo (ACT) is a Taekwondo club for students enrolled in the University of Colorado at Denver, Metro State College of Denver, and the Community College of Denver.

Videos from the 2009 Fall Belt Ceremony- Basic Punches and Chunji from all the students.

The students together trying to do 'just one' pushup.

Images from the Spring 2007 Belt Ceremony and End of the Year Banquet.


ACT makes the Picture of the Day for

Images from the Fall 2006 Final Exams and Belt Ceremony.

Belt Ceremony



Practice Schedule:

The following classes are offered at Auraria Campus. Students may be open to practice other times at KAT or other dojangs.


8:30-9:45- HPSL Taekwondo Class

10:00-11:15- HPSL Taekwondo Class

11:30-12:45- HPSL Taekwondo Class

1:00-2:15- HPSL Taekwondo Class




May 2007- The third annual semi-formal is held in the LD Buffet. Nick Barta wins the Presidents Award, Edwin Montero the Hardest Worker Award, Rusty Ratzloff the Most Improved Player, and Rachael Johnson wins the Most Valuable Player Award.

May 2007- Edwin Montero, Rachael Johnson, and Nick Barta earn their 1st degree black belts. Katie Hoffman earns her 2nd Degree black belt.

April 2007- Taekwondo students from Metro won gold medals in 6 of the 7 divisions that they enter in the State Championships. In the Men's Yellow Belt Forms, Tan Lam won gold, Hoai Troung won silver, and Derek Gordon won bronze. In the green belt forms, Rusty Ratzloff won gold, and in the red belt forms Edwin Montero won gold. In Men's beginner heavyweight sparring, Hoai won gold and Derek won bronze. In intermediate lightweight sparring, Rusty won gold and Tan won silver, and in the advanced sparring division, Edwin Montero won gold, finishing all his opponents without getting scored on. Sarah Cooke also won a bronze medal in the women's intermediate sparring division.

December 2006 - Liz Brewer and Zack Kirk receive their second degree black belts.

August 2006- Ron Roe tests for his 2nd degree black belt.

May 2006- The 2nd annual semi-formal is held at the Bucca di Bebpo restaurant. Edwin Montero wins the Presidents Award, Monika Graf wins the Most Improved Player, Juan Suarez wins the Hardest Worker Award, and Liz Brewer and Zak Kirk share the Most Valuable Player award.

January 2006- New officers for the club are elected. Edwin Montero is president, Erasmo Rubio is vice president, Lina Munoz is treasurer, and Tarra Barker is secretary.

December, 2005- Liz Brewer and Zack Kirk receive their 1st degree black belts. Katie Hoffman receives her black belt at the 100th KAT promotion test.

November, 2005- ACT travels to CU Boulder and places first in an informal scrimmage by a score of 580 to 320.

May, 2005- Ron Roe, 58 years old and legally blind, gives a thorough and inspiring performance in ACT's first black belt test. His hard work earns him articles in the Rocky Mountain News and @Metro papers.

The 1st annual semiformal end of the year banquet is held. Ava Aram receives the President's Award, and Lina Munoz wins Match of the Year.

April, 2005- ACT places first in the College Division of the 5th Colorado Elite Taekwondo Championships. This is the first known intercollegiate TKD competition in Colorado history. Results

November, 2004. Metro Students place in the National Championships



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